KKL-JNF – Expo 2020 Dubai - Funia

KKL-JNF – Expo 2020 Dubai

The Client

KKL-JNF – Expo 2020 Dubai

Starting date

August 2021



About the project

The KKL-JNF is the largest environmental organization in Israel taking part in Expo 2020 Dubai and in the Israeli pavilion, representing the State of Israel.

In order to promote and expose the work of the KKL-JNF on the occasion of the Expo, we are conducting an international digital information campaign that deals with a variety of ecological aspects, such as desertification & global warming. We provide a glimpse into the Israeli KKL-JNF’s perspective in dealing with desertification and Israel’s achievements in the field. At the same time, we communicate the events and the progress of the pavilion towards the launch of the expo in real time.

The campaign is promoted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google.