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Hello? Hello? – What happens when a brand does not respond to its Facebook messages

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As part of our work with clients from various and diverse fields, our focus on “Ponya” is always on the people behind the piece.

One of the most exciting projects we have been undertaking in recent years is the creation of the Desert Magic platform. In a virtual stage we have set up, through which we access the work and work of residents and residents of Rahat and Lakya, with the aim of promoting advanced, engaged and inspiring tourism.

Naama Alsena (center) establishes Desert Embroidery Association, together with her partners in the Huda and Hissin collective. “We realized that we must work in the community – and allow women to earn a living”

We believe in the exposure of a personal voice, and this voice is also reflected in silent photography, by dialogue with our customers, who are more than customers, but partners in action.

Hosni Stone Berry in a sewing workshop set up in her home in Rahat, hosting, giving workshops and selling her designs.

Our first rule is to always travel, understand, meet and get to know the people, materials and products we reveal to you, and this is also the basis for good photography, which intrigues and raises questions and concerns. Eye contact, familiarity, dialogue.

Ellaam Kamalat, a resident of the Afro Bedouin neighborhood of Rahat, together with her family hosts and tours throughout Rahat to introduce the city to its complexities from different perspectives.

The virtual channel we created together and for women of Lakia focuses on the personal and collective work of the area’s residents, inviting you to always come and see with your own eyes, and also take pictures. But don’t forget to tag 🙂